Students compete in Pennsylvania’s first Esports State Championship Tournament

HARRISBURG, Dauphin County - More than 16 schools across the state competed in the first ever Pennsylvania's E-sports Championship.

Today, was the final day of the two-day competition. More than 30 teams from 16 schools signed up, including The University of Penn State, Temple and Harrisburg Universities. Gamers competed in three video games: Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

Harrisburg University E-sports Director, Chad Smeltz, said it's a varsity sport just like any other.

"We have our own training schedule, our training regimen. We have study halls, we have physical fitness. We have everything that you would kind of think for a normal sport. We do the same thing," said Smeltz, "So, they practice anywhere between ten or twenty hours a week depending on the school work and things like that. And they practice anywhere from communication, leadership training, to game skills, to reviewing footage, to all those sorts of things."

Drexel University won Hearthstone. Harrisburg University won both Overwatch and League of Legends.



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