Lancaster restaurant make sweet connection with refugees in the community

Lancaster - In 2013, BBC named Lancaster County a haven for refugees. Several years later Lancasters Sweet Shoppe is upholding that tradition.

The shop bakes delicious desserts like stroopies.

"Stroopies are a cinnamon waffle with a homemade caramel in the center and they're designed to rewarm on your hot two and coffee," said co-owner Jennie Groff.

The shop only hires female refugees. Groff says that it is out of respect for her employee's traditional customs.

"A lot of our employees are young moms [and] it's easier for the kids, right?" says Groff.

"Because they're getting out and going to school but for the moms, it's hard to be brave, step out, [and] learn a new language when you're older.'

The owners offer English courses, write recommendations, and encourage refugee employees to advance into management roles.

"My motivation is the women that we get the privilege of working with and if we can use something like a cookie to be a blessing to the nation's around us, how awesome is that? You know."


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