Sober homes saving lives

EPHRATA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- TV host and actress Wendy Williams recently revealed she's living in a sober home. But here in Central PA, the opioid epidemic continues to impact people and their families.

The GraceHouse in Ephrata is a sober home in Lancaster County and inside it looks just like a home. Even though the peoplice living there aren't related, they're still supporting each other emotionally.

Managing the GraceHouse is a dream Grace Shober never thought would come to fruition.

"Never," Grace Shober said. "I never did. I always had that thought that I wished that that would happen, but I never thought it would."

Grace's background is one many of us have heard of. She started using at 13-years-old.

"And I started to just fall off the wagon and got into bad, bad things, I mean everything else I was doing was bad but it was the opiates that brought me to my knees," Shober said.

Grace was in and out of treatment facilities and programs.

"It is a continuous battle," Amanda Kimball, Clinical Supervisor of Retreat Behavioral Health Care, said. "I would say unfortunately it is more common to relapse and need to go through treatment again vs being a 'one and done' as we say. But we do expect as treatment providers that relapse is part of recovery."

But grace made it to this point; giving FOX 43 a tour of a home that's used to help other people. The idea for GraceHouse was Grace's mother's, back in 2012, when Grace was trying to get sober. Now there are three in the area.

"We knew we still wanted to try to save lives," Gerri Shober, Grace's mother, said. "Even if we thought we may not save our daughters life."

Seven women live in the Ephrata home. There are no visitors, and the residents are subject to weekly and random drug tests.
And while it may seem strict, others have called it a blessing. A house that holds people accountable.

"I feel blessed for my struggle because everything I went through is something I can help somebody with now," Shober said.

For more information on the GraceHouse, visit their website.


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