Police looking for suspect allegedly pretending to be a PPL employee

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. --- Investigators say around 4 p.m. Tuesday, a man stopped by a home on Meisenhelder Road claiming to be with PPL Electric.

Police say the complainant said he held a clipboard and had some type of ID around his neck.

Investigators say when the homeowner tried calling PPL Electric to verify his visit, the suspect left the area.

Surveillance images obtain by FOX43 from neighbor who interacted with suspect.

Surveillance images obtain by FOX43 from neighbor who interacted with suspect.

Al Vican, who lives on the same street, said the man came to his door a little before 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Vican said his clipboard had a PPL billhead on it and the man said he was with "JOSCO," wearing a badge that said JOSCO.

“He said that he was going to help us save money, not like other folks who are paying more money in the neighborhood. He didn’t look right and he didn’t sound right," said Vican, who said they refused the man.

Police also say another report of a suspicious man came on Monday in the area of Prayer Mission Road, which is within a two miles radius of Meisenhelder Road.

Investigators say the suspect fled that scene before officers arrived.

Jess Baker, a spokeswoman for PPL Electric, sent the following statement:

"A PPL employee will always have an employee ID on them and we encourage all residents to ask to see this ID if someone comes to your home claiming to be a PPL employee. Most visits from PPL employees are pre-scheduled and in most cases the employee will be driving a company vehicle. If ever suspicious of the person claiming to be from PPL, do not let the person in and call 1-800-DIAL-PPL to verify that the person is a PPL employee. We recommend residents call the police immediately if they feel threatened."

Anyone who recognizes or knows the suspect is asked to contact police so they say they can identify him.

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