Exelon Generation files Three Mile Island decommissioning report

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– Exelon Generation has filed its decommissioning report with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), outlining details as to how the Three Mile Island plant will handle its closing procedures, as the shutdown is scheduled for September.

In the filing, Exelon selected “SAFSTOR,” which is one of three federally allowed decommissioning options for the plant.

That option outlines a plan to dismantle large components, including the station’s cooling towers, beginning in 2074.

Other parts of that plan include transitioning used nuclear fuel into the spent fuel pool and then moved to dry cask storage by the end of 2022, where it will be protected in a hardened facility with multiple layers of structural, human and electronic security.

In terms of staffing, TMI will see faculty decreases in three phases from 675 employees in 2017 when Exelon announced the plant’s premature retirement to 50 full-time employees in 2022.

You can read the full decommissioning report release here.

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