2019 Central PA Soup Cook Off


HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Thousands of people attended the Central PA Soup Cook off Sunday.

Professional and amateur chefs from local restaurants came out to show off their talents. Judges voted on their favorite soup, as well as which one they thought was the most unique. The event raises money for scleroderma, a rare disorder that causes chronic hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues. The event celebrates the life of Kay Renninger, who passed away from the disease.

"There are currently over 300 thousand people in the united states that suffer from this very rare disease," Mikelle Wagner, a co-coordinator of the event, said. "There's very little funding for it. So what we like to do is come together as a community, try do something fun. It's a great community event, family-friendly. It's wonderful. It's so great to have the community together. Everyone's smiling and having a good time and these days, what else can you ask for."

More than 4,500 people attended the event.

For additional information on scleroderma, visit their website.


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