Hershey high school students hold 4th annual “Walk for Clean Water”

DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Most people never have to worry about having access to clean water, and several high school students in Dauphin County are going the extra mile so people in other countries don't have to either.

Students from Hershey High School's key club hosted their 4th annual Walk for Clean Water Sunday. There were 300 walkers and 100 volunteers. The walk was 3.75 miles, which they said is the average distance women and children in some African countries have to walk for access to dirty water, every day.

The money they raise goes to the Thirst Project, an organization who drove all the way to Pennsylvania from Los Angeles. They go to Africa each year and help build the wells in African communities.

"When you get clean water in a village or community in Africa, the quality of life just changes over night so what we do is obviously really special," Adam Paymer, the student director for the Walk, said. "I really hope other people will do this but it's obviously nice having the Hershey community back that up and help another communities in need."

The students raised more than $21,000 thousand dollars which should be enough to build two wells. Over the last three years, they raised enough money to build 5 wells.


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