New law to give added protections to domestic violence victims, abusers to surrender guns

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Domestic violence can sometimes turn deadly. Since 2008, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Domestic Violence says more than 1,200 people died because of domestic violence in Pennsylvania. The majority of those victims killed by guns.

A new law will go into effect Wednesday in Pennsylvania strengthening protections for victims of domestic violence. Currently, someone convicted of domestic violence or issued a protection from abuse order has to surrender their guns to a third party within 60 days. The new law will tighten that window to 24 hours and the guns will have to be turned over to the sheriff's office.

"We're not trying to take someone's guns who is a law abiding citizen, who wants to hunt or take care of their family," said Jennifer Storm, Pennsylvania's Victim Advocate. "We are trying to get to those individuals who are already breaking the law who are known to the system and if we remove access to the firearms we know we will save lives."

The law will go into effect Wednesday, April 10th, 2019.

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