First baby born in York County this year goes home

SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The first baby born in York County in 2019 went home from Wellspan York Hospital after being born 15 weeks early.

All ready for his closeup, little Liam is about to make his big debut.

"And you can kind hide those wires, how does that sound?" Liam's mom, Mary McDannell, said to Liam while getting microphones put on her to be interviewed.

And at 3 months old, he's already used to it. After all, it's not his first rodeo being hooked up to wires. An experience too emotional for most mothers to talk about. But not this one.

"He, sometimes throughout his stay would get in trouble," McDannell said. "He liked to pull on his wires here, and make them come loose."

McDannell had trouble with her pregnancy. January 1st, bright and early, came the best New Year's gift she could ask for. Only he was unannounced and 15 weeks early, weighing 1lb 10oz. His due date was this Saturday.

Dr. Puneet Jairath, a neurotologist at Wellspan York Hospital, has been caring for Liam since day two.

"Babies who are born this early can have a lot of complications which can relate to lungs being premature, breathing issues, cardiac issues, babies can have feeding issues," Dr. Jairath said. "But Liam did pretty well I think he was on the better end of the spectrum."

"When we would look back on the day he was born until now he looks completely different" McDannell said. "He's a completely different baby."

And the first time parents don't live right around the corner. Their drive was one hour, one way. For the days Mary and James couldn't see their baby, their saving grace was the Angel Eye Camera. It allows those to see their baby through a live stream at any given time of the day.

"That was a life saver," McDannell said. "And especially with going back to work we'd always be checking the camera because it was a way to still be connected to him and see him even though we couldn't physically be here."

Today he's 6 pounds. Perfectly healthy and ready for some snuggles in his own crib.

"We're a little nervous because now it's us all on our own but I think we'll be okay," McDannell said. "Liam's a pretty laid back baby."

And happy, too.

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