Judge mandates owner of wall that collapsed to come up with plan in 60 days to clean up mess

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The owner of the Harrisburg property where a wall collapsed nearly 3 years ago is now being forced to clean up the mess.

The wall, which is located along the Mulberry Street bridge crumbled in 2016 onto a nearby business, forcing it to close.

"I don't think any of this should have taken place the way it did the negligence in this case is more sickening than I can possibly tell you," said Howard Henry, owner at Howard's Auto and Tire. "It's literally wrecked my life," he added.

The owners of the wall and nearby apartment building, 'Mcfarland,' are now being given 60 days to come up with a plan to clean up the debris left behind.

An attorney representing them, says while they hope to have plan by the deadline, getting the 3 to 8 million dollars in two months will be a difficult task.

"My clients do not have the money for the multi-million dollar cleanup that will be needed to be done to bring Mr. Henry's business back as well as stabilize the entire site," said Adam Klein, Attorney at Smigel Anderson & Sacks.

He says they do have insurance, however, they have been denied the money in the past.

"Unfortunately first line has turned them down and we believe it's in bad faith and there is current litigation regarding that at this time," added Klein.

Considering the circumstances Klein tells FOX43 all of that could force them to file for bankruptcy.

"We are continuing with our lawsuit against our insurance carrier and also there is an umbrella policy on what is a third part claim that would provide the funds necessary to clean up this up," said Klein.

"It frustrates me it does but at the same time they aren't legally going to get away with it," said Henry.

For those dealing with the damages, there's still hope.

"I have resolve like you wouldn't believe to see this all the way through," said Henry.

The deadline to submit a plane is June 3.

Thee judge has asked Mcfarland for three 20 day status reports indicating progress.


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