19-year-old man charged with indecent assault, harassment

Marcus Roof

EAST PENNSBORO TWP., Cumberland County — A 19-year-old man faces charges of indecent assault and harassment after he allegedly rubbed the victim’s thigh and breasts.

The alleged indecent assault occurred at a park in East Pennsboro Township on January 31.

Police say Marcus Roof and the victim agreed to meet and catch up with one another. While inside Roof’s vehicle, he allegedly began rubbing the victim’s thigh in which she advised that the meeting was not about that and she is happy with her current relationship, the criminal complaint says.

The victim reported to police that Roof didn’t stop and told him no multiple times. At one point, Roof allegedly grabbed onto the victim’s thigh as she tried to leave the vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim sent a text to her boyfriend claiming that Roof was “trying something.” A short time later, the vicitim’s boyfriend knocked on Roof’s driver side window to ask for directions to Domino’s which gave the victim an opportunity to exit the vehicle.

The two then reported the incident to police.

Police note that the officer who responded to the incident has made several attempts over a two-month period to get in contact with Roof or have him contact him. Roof has refused to do so, the criminal complaint says.

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