Protesters, supporters of Star Barn come face-to-face in Lancaster County

ELIZABETHTOWN, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Dozens of community members came together in support of LGBTQ people in Lancaster County Thursday afternoon.

Their demonstration comes after revelations about a Lancaster County wedding venue's policy prohibiting same sex marriages on their property.

That's the Star Barn in West Donegal Township, and the owner continues to stand by the policy and his faith.

Supporters of LGBTQ people lined Market Street, carrying flags and signs.

At first, they planned to protest Discover Lancaster, a private nonprofit organization, that planned to hold an event at the Star Barn.

However, Discover Lancaster cancelled that event amid controversy.

Supporters chanted, "love is love!"

"The Earth is not flat. It is round, and my being gay is not inherently sinful. In 2019, this should no longer be a debate," said Eric Fisher an organizer.

Fisher says he is happily married to his husband, and they're blessed to raise a child together.

"To back here at a time when I should be able to simply celebrate being with my son and my parents, especially, to have these kind of things happen, it does hurt," said Eric Fisher, one of the organizers.

Just feet away from people at the rally, there was people singing, praying, and worshiping god.

They told FOX43 they stand by their right to religious freedom.

"We have convictions of what is true, and it comes from the bible, it comes from the word of God, and so that's what we want to be able to practice. If the Abel's want to be able to practice that in their business, then, I want that to happen, so we're here to support that," said Sharon Ogilvie of Lancaster County.

Ogilvie and others feel the business and its owners are now being targeted.

"They're painting the Star Barn, not allowing this, condemning this man," added Ogilvie. "I just really support people to be able to practice their faith."

Elizabethtown Police kept a watchful eye on everyone throughout the morning, but the two groups managed to keep the peace.

A spokesman told FOX43 David Abel, the owner of Star Barn, is not available for interviews, and referred us to their website and list of core values.

Discover Lancaster issued a statement saying it hopes to create some time and space for people to come together and talk about the issue.

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