Steelton man accused of threatening to blow up of Walmart in York County

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A Steelton man faces charges after he allegedly threatened to blow up a Walmart in York County after his cellphone, which he claims he bought from the store, didn’t work.

Philip Ramsey, 73, has been charged with terroristic threats and bomb threats, court documents show.

Police wrote in a criminal complaint that an older white man with white hair and a white beard — later identified as Ramsey — walked up to the service desk at Walmart on East Market Street on Tuesday. Ramsey advised that he lost his hat and after the employee checked the lost and found — not finding a hat — he handed her a letter, which was to “Walmart Board, Ownership and Management.”

Ramsey then told the employee that he bought a cellphone from the store and now it doesn’t work. He reportedly said he was going to “blow Walmart up, literally blow Walmart up,” if he didn’t get his money that day, according to the criminal complaint. Ramsey then said, “I’ll see you in court,” before leaving the store.

Ramsey complained about his cellphone not working in the letter but no threats were written down, the criminal complaint notes.

Police added that Ramsey signed the letter, “Philip E. Ramsey, Esq.” Authorities matched Ramsey on surveillance video from Walmart to a J-Net photo of him.

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