Wrightsville man accused of slapping wheelchair-bound teen in the face

YORK COUNTY — Police have charged a 39-year-old Wrightsville man with abuse of a care-dependent person, simple assault, and reckless endangerment after they say he struck a 17-year-old, wheelchair-bound juvenile several times in the face and grabbed him by the neck on Monday, according to Lower Windsor Township Police.

James Paul Jackson was arrested without incident Monday at his home on the 100 block of Boyd Road, police say. He allegedly admitted to striking the teen, saying the boy had talked back to his mother, and “where (I) come from, you don’t do that.”

Police began investigating when they were called to Eastern York High School Monday at 8:45 a.m. The victim’s CNA noticed he had dried blood on the side of his nose and marks on his neck consistent with being grabbed and squeezed, police say. The victim suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia, a genetic, progressive, neurodegenerative movement disorder, and other health issues.

When the nurse asked the victim what had happened to him, police say, the victim reported that he’d been assaulted by Jackson the previous night. Jackson wanted the victim to wear his leg braces, but the victim did not want to because they hurt him, police say. Jackson then allegedly became upset, threatened to throw the braces away, yelled at the victim, and slapped him twice in the face, causing his nose to bleed. He also grabbed the victim by the throat, according to police.

The alleged assault ended when the victim’s mother, who was in the room at the time, told Jackson to stop.

Police say they observed a small amount of dried blood on the victim’s nose and bruising on his neck, as well as a small scratch near the victim’s eyebrow.

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