Capitol to be lit up in blue and green to spread awareness for National Donate Life month

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- The Capitol will be showing its support for a few days, as April marks National Donate Life Month. The building will be lit up in blue and green from April 12 until April 14, because those color represent how important organ and tissue donations are.

Nearly 7,300 Pennsylvania residents are waiting for life saving organ transplants, and this month is dedicated to helping them, and encouraging others to be a registered organ donor.

Back in October, Fox 43's Bryanna Gallagher did a story with the family of a heart donor and the heart recipient, meeting in person for the first time.

One mans organs helped save Tyshon Lewis's life, doctors told him that he needed a new heart because he had congestive hear failure.

The new heart gave him a second chance at life and more time with his family.

"It's a big sacrifice but thinking how much you can help another family just with Tyshon and his family. He's got two young boys and from what I understand he was really starring to struggle so being able to help him and his family to be together longer is a blessing," said the daughter of the heart donor, Lori Flowers.

Lori was 18-years-old at the time and had to make a call no one ever should at that age. She gave the "OK" to use her dasds organs to save someones else's life-- Tyshon. She says it all came down to helping someone in need.

The capitol will be lit up in blue and green from Friday, April 12 until Sunday, April 14 for National Give Live month. If you want to become a registered organ donor or would like to learn more about becoming one you can visit their website.

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