Just one more day to file your tax return

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The deadline to file your tax return is quickly approaching.

April 15 is the last day to file or pay any owed taxes.

If you're one of the many people who have waited, you're not alone.

A local tax expert says 1 in 3 people wait until the last second to file.

If you're in this boat, the most important thing now is to get it done tonight or tomorrow.

"I got a whole bunch of stuff!" said Belaynesh Parker of York. "I'm always that word - procrastinating. I am!"

There's one thing on Parker's mind walking inside H&R Block in Manchester Township.

"I hope I get something back. I hope I don't have to pay!" she added.

This time of year, phones ring off the hook at H&R Block.

Tax experts, like Lisa Patton say they're just happy to help.

"We love it when clients come in with all kinds of stuff, sort through it, and help them all. That's what we're here for, help them out," she said.

She has one piece of advice for last minute filers: "You definitely want to file by the 15th. Penalties are much higher if you don't file."

That's a failure to file penalty, and according to the IRS, they can add up fast. Interest accrues on top of penalties.

"Even if you do file an extension, it's not an extension of time to pay," added patton. "If you're fearful of owing money, you can set up an installment agreement."

You can find a number of payment plans for individuals and businesses listed on IRS.gov. 

One other reminder for people: if you made any mistakes on your 2015 tax return, for example, not claiming a child, or something along those lines, Patton says April 15th is also the last day you can fix that.

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