Local firefighters train in a live fire exercise in Cumberland County

SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Cumberland County - Some firefighters learned to battle fires under some different circumstances.

The New Kingston Fire Company and the PA State Fire Academy hosted a live fire exercise in an actual house. The owner of the house donated the building since he plans to demolish afterwards. His donation was done so firefighters can get better training.
Around 60 people were there including instructors and firefighters. New Kingston Fire Company's spokesperson, Jonathan Kibe, says this was a great opportunity to help them prepare for situations they may face during a fire.

"To be able to have these kind of conditions, you can't replicate this anywhere else," said Kibe, "That's the biggest thing, is that these guys are learning the conditions, how the fire reacts, what happens when they do certain things. So that if things do turn bad, they're out before they lose their own lives or somebody else could lose their life."

Camera were installed inside the building and firefighters wore body cameras to record the learning process, so the video can be used to teach other firefighters in the future.

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