Dauphin County community cleans up debris from damaging storm

MILLERSBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - A strong storm moved into Millersburg early Sunday morning. With it came gusty winds that caused damages to a few buildings.

"All of a sudden it sounded like a crazy freight train running over our house," said Melissa Nicholson, Millersburg.

The storm tore the roof off of Hebron United Methodist Church and Ark Safety.

"My neighbor said, 'Hey, the roof of your church is in your street," recalled Hebron UMC Pastor Rick Anderson.

A block away from the church, a tree fell partially onto two homes. Many people said this was the worst storm they've ever experienced.

"I am not afraid of like thunderstorms, even severe thunderstorms, winds that are high, I roll with the flow," said Joy Breach. "But this was frightening."

While the damage is cleaned up, Breach along with others in the community are counting their blessings.

"I'm just glad nobody was hurt," said Breach. "That's the bottom line."

They are also grateful for the support of everyone coming together to help with cleanup.

"It is the silver lining to a pretty dark cloud," said Pastor Anderson.

Services will not be abled to be held at Hebron UMC until repairs to the building are done. In the meantime Pastor Anderson says several churches have reached out to them offering their space for Sunday worship.

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