‘Ask Evan’: “Why doesn’t PennDOT replace license plates every few years?”

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This week's 'Ask Evan question comes from Butch K.  Butch asks, "Recently I noted my brother in law's license plate was really beat up and faded and I looked at mine and it too was faded and worn. That got me thinking that we haven't gotten a new license plate in PA for a number of years.  I recall that we used to get a new one it seemed like every few years.  Has there been a change in the frequency of getting new license plates from the Commonwealth?"

Here's the information I got from PennDOT.  Nearly 20 years ago PennDOT undertook a massive effort to replace all of the yellow and blue background registration plates and transitioned the commonwealth to the 'family of plates' design concept.

As far as getting a new license plate- the old school way of reissuing plates was a high cost program.  In January of 2018, PennDOT began a targeted registration license plate re-issuance for older Pennsylvania license plates that may be weathered, damaged, or unreadable.   Owners of standard-issue passenger plates that start with the license plate configuration of `D`, `E`, `F`-- and truck plates that start with `Y` will get a free new registration plate the next time their plate is transferred to a different vehicle.

You can also apply for a free new license plate by visiting an official Pennsylvania inspection station to verify the plate is illegible.  You'll get a PennDOT MV-46 form to send in.  You can also have a police officer verify the plate is bad and send in a MV-44 form.  Both forms are available on PennDOT's website.

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