State, Dauphin County officials tour storm damage in Millersburg

MILLERSBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Official cleanup begins in Millersburg, Dauphin County. A few buildings in the area were damaged when a strong storm hit the area early Monday morning. Tuesday, state and county officials toured the area, assessing the damage to determine the level of financial assistance they can provide.

“We are here for you,” said Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries. "Clearly that storm was strong enough to rip the bricks off the building."

Crews were out at Hebron United Methodist Church also assessing the damage done. It’s still too early for a damage estimate although Pastor Rick Anderson says they will likely need help getting things cleaned up. He’s never gone through storm cleanup before and is glad to know resources are available.

"For them to take the initiative and say we are going to come to you and let you know we are available,” said Anderson. “It's heartwarming, we're glad to have them here."

Four blocks away from the church, crews worked to fix Ark Safety’s roof blown off during the storm. The business owner, Bill Specht estimates about $400,000 worth of damage. He says they won’t need any financial help with cleanup and largely credits having a company disaster relief plan.

"We implemented that plan and it took a bad situation,” said Specht. “But it is allowing us to continue our business operations so it's a help."

While much of the buildings took a hard hit, many of the items inside remained untouched.

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