Police now giving citations for illegally parking outside of elementary school

MOUNT HOLLY SPRINGS, Pa. — Police have received more than a dozen calls about parking problems at Mount Holly Springs Elementary School. Vehicles are blocking fire hydrants, mailboxes, even entrances and exits, causing chaos when it's time for students to go home.

Police said the problem is people are just parking wherever they want, when they aren't supposed to.

It's normally calm during the day outside the Elementary School, but at 3 P.M. each day...

"There's going to be 40 cars on the street and then still be people parking above the school, in the grass," Detective Andy Wolfe with the Mount Holly Springs Police Department, said. "And they'll be parking down Mooreland, and occasionally they just kinda whip right into the entrance of the school and block it, or in front of the fire hydrant."

Which is why neighbors have put up poles blocking people from driving on their yard, and signs that read, "no parking on grass."

"It's awful," Tracey Winton, a neighbor, said. "If you can avoid it that's the best thing to do. If you don't have children up there that you're picking up I would avoid it totally for that point of time."

Police say each year, more and more parents are picking up their kids up and dropping them off, instead of using the school bus. Why? Detective Wolfe had no idea, but it's causing major congestion.

"The mailman is not going to get out of his vehicle and walk around the cars to put your mail in," Wolfe said. "So you're just not going to get mail so people are affected in many ways that you probably don't think about."

He also said some parents are being lazy and don't want to walk any distance to pick up their kids. FOX43 asked the school multiple times to talk about the issue, and what's being done to fix it. They denied our requests, giving different reasons each time. But the superintendent did finally send us a statement, saying in part:

"Principal Davis is working with Mt. Holly Springs borough council to create a committee of district employees, parents, and borough council representation to discuss the concerns and the best way to resolve the concerns of the residents."

Detective Wolfe said the department has given out many warnings over the last two weeks, moving forward they will start issuing citations only, with fees that will add up to more than $100.

"A little courtesy goes a long way," Wolfe said.

People picking up their kids can park anywhere a long the street, as long they aren't blocking an entrance, an exit, a stop sign, or a fire hydrant.

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