Sports Spotlight: Unified Track and Field meet


RED LION, York County -- Athletes from Red Lion, Dallastown and York Vo-Tech, all came together for a unified track and field meet.

“For them to just be able to run and have fun is honestly just an inspiring thing,” said Kayleigh Densily, Red Lion track and field athlete.

Practicing twice a week to strut their stuff on the track and in the field.

“It’s been fun. I like it. I like running and shot put," said Brianna Witmer, senior Dallastown unified track and field athlete.

This meet gives these athletes the chance to compete who, otherwise, may never get to show their hidden talents.

“There’s a couple that you kind of just get close to and just to see the smiles on their faces, it’s a wonderful thing. I really enjoy it,” said Raymond Christas, senior Dallastown track and field athlete.

Unified track and field is an initiative to promote friendships and understanding between students. With the hope of other schools jumping on board.

“I think it is a really awesome opportunity because, not only, has it given me a lot of new friends but it has also spread the word about our program and organization and unified the school,” said Densily.

“I think it’s a great to have special needs and regular needs to be together,” said Nicole Markel, senior Red Lion unified track and field athlete.

These athletes hope to bring home a state championship next month from Shippensburg University.

“We can do it," said Markel.

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