Franklin County lawmakers oppose Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s recreational marijuana listening tour

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Some state lawmakers representing parts of Franklin County are not happy with the Lt. Governor's recreational marijuana listening tour. They believe the tour, which stops in Franklin County next week is a sham.

Representatives Paul Schemel, Jesse Topper, Rob Kauffman, and John Hershey, all republicans representing parts of Franklin County, have publicly declined Fetterman's invitation to his recreational marijuana listening tour when it stops in Chambersburg, May 2nd.

"It's based on people's opinions and there's really nothing to gain," said Rep. Schemel. "So we don't want to be used as a mouthpiece for the lieutenant governor's own objective of legalizing recreational marijuana."

Schemel says he and other lawmakers believe the listening tour is just a way for Fetterman to generate support for legalizing recreational marijuana. Schemel believes there is no positive reason to legalize the drug for recreational use. He points to a studies, like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which shows an increase in car accidents in states that have legalized marijuana.

"Why would we want to do anything that makes you less capable of working," asked Schemel. "Less capable of thinking, less capable of learning."

The Lieutenant Governor's office says the mission behind Fetterman's listening tour has been clear from the beginning and released this statement to FOX43:

This listening tour has been just that, a listening tour. What the Lieutenant Governor is hoping to hear is whatever the people of Franklin County have to tell him related to adult-use marijuana.

Anyone who has attended one of the tour stops has seen that this is an opportunity for people who are opposed, in favor, or undecided to weigh-in, whether they're expressing support or disapproval.

It is not and has not been a forum for the lieutenant governor to express his position on the issue, which anyone can google. The purpose is to hear from the people, and that’s what we’ve done.

Lt. Gov. Fetterman personally called and invited all members of the Franklin County delegation to the upcoming session, as he has with elected officials representing each county on the tour. He welcomes their attendance so they can also hear what the public has to say.

More on the joint statement released by the representatives can be found here.

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