White Rose Bar & Grill at Bridgewater opens; economic boom near homes at Bridgewater

YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — There's a lot of construction and more houses being built near the Bridgewater Golf Club, and earlier this month White Rose Bar & Grill at Bridgewater opened.

Drive down any road near the golf course and you'll find construction work in a matter of seconds.

“We moved here knowing it was going to grow around us,” Jonathan Stomberger of York Township, said, “It’s really nice. There are a lot of great families, a lot of great neighborhoods. It’s a great place to live.”

A neighbor for 18 years, Stomberger said it's no surprise. One of the neighborhood developers, Keystone, said they plan on building several hundred more homes in the area over the next seven years.

“I saw this development in the very early stages before our house was even built and came back almost year later and decided to build here,” Sherri Edder, who lives next door to the golf course, said. “Once I hit my spot where I’m located, and saw the beautiful view, and how far I could see out in Pennsylvania, this is where I wanted to be.”

White Rose Bar and Grill at Bridgewater said its reason for building here is to offer the downtown York experience without actually being downtown.

“A lot of people don’t want to come downtown for that kind of experience,” Sumalee Lily Barnes, the general manager, said. “So we kinda brought that experience and put it out into the suburbs so that people that typically wouldn’t want to come downtown or wouldn’t want to have to Uber back and forth, they would have it here in their backyard.”

More homes, and now more businesses, means more people and more jobs. An economic boom, yes, but, could it mean more traffic?Some are worried about the two main drags, Springwood and Chestnut Hill Roads.

“Traffic has always been a problem,” Stomberger said. “I don’t anticipate it getting any worse, but it’s something we have to look into. But I don’t think it’s going to cause any real issues.”

“I’m excited about it,” Edder said. “I still like this quiet atmosphere. And I still think we have that here at Bridgewater. All and all I do like it. I like what it’s bringing to the community.”

White Rose Management said the growth speaks volumes of not only the location, but the people who live here, too.

“Just seeing the community grow as a whole is a really good feeling,” Barnes said. “And it’s a really good feeling to be a part of that growth.”

There has been talk of turning a service road into an alternate entrance to relieve traffic on Springwood and Chestnut Hill Roads. FOX43 checked with York Township to see if anything was in the works, but have yet to hear back.

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