‘Ask Evan’: “What’s the deal with the diabetic test strip buying signs?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Vicki B.  Vicki asks, "I've been noticing signs along the roads advertising that someone or a company is looking to buy diabetic test strips. What's that about?"

I too have seen a number of those signs in the area asking to purchase diabetic test strips.  The sign includes a Baltimore area code.  I gave the number a call.  A woman who answered did answer a couple of questions.  She told me she will pay for any unused boxes of diabetic test strips. How much she'll pay depends on the brand.  Those boxes of strips are then sold to others at a discounted price.  Perhaps to people who can't afford to pay regular price for the strips, or who are uninsured.

I was also able to find that in some cases people who are getting test strips for free or highly discounted using medicare, Medicaid or private insurance are reselling them to these kinds of companies.  In some instances someone passes away and the family has unopened boxes of test strips to sell.

There are also a few legal considerations here too.  Anyone can legally buy test strips.  However, it is illegal for government-funded health care recipients to sell them if they were paid for by government funds.  That means people getting the test strips from a program such as CHIP, Medicaid or Medicare cannot legally sell those test strips.

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