Harrisburg group aims to bridge the gap between the community and police

HARRISBURG - Dauphin County - "I'm not the man sitting before you today is not the man that I used to be it`s not the boy that I used to be because when you become a man you think like a man and you act like a man," said the founder and president of Breaking the Chainz Inc. Dr. Kevin Dolphin.

The founder and president created the community group Breaking the Chainz Inc. in Harrisburg five years ago. He says life hardships and a criminal past served as inspiration for him to start the group.

"I've been in prison myself," says Dr. Dolphin.  "All of the destruction that I did to this entire city when you see things today it's sort've like an offspring of things that I did many years ago. So now I'm vested in the youth because many of their mothers and fathers are in a word 'messed up' on some of the things that I did."

Dr. Dolphin says he was influenced by a life of crime at a young age. His father was shot and killed when he was 4-years-old. In his 20's his mother died in prison. He could not attend her funeral because he was serving time in prison. He says that is when a light bulb went off for him to change his life.

"This is what I tell to the youth, life doesn't come with an eraser. Once you do or say something you can't take it back."

Now he is working with the police and local lawmakers to help create relationships with people in his neighborhood.

"We teach the youth the importance of their education because they can only go as far as their knowledge takes them."

Dr. Dolphin also gives scholarships. So far he has given two scholarships to children within his organization. The scholarships were created in memory of his mentee, Julian Mallory, who died from street violence in 2017.

He says he hopes his organization achieves one thing, spreading the message of love.

"Love, that's our foundation it's love. We bring love to wherever we go. It's because love can break any chain. I don't care what chain it is that love is strong enough so that's what we do."

Dr. Dolphin is committed to spreading his message of love beyond Harrisburg. On Saturday, April 27th Dr. Dolphin will speak at Heidelberg United Church's, Leadership Institute from 9:30 to 4:30 pm. The church is located at 47 West Philadelphia Street York, PA. The event is free.

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