National Weather Service confirms that another tornado touched down in PA

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MIFFLIN COUNTY, Pa. — The National Weather Service confirmed Tuesday that another tornado touched down in Pennsylvania last Friday.

The tornado occurred at about 7:57 p.m. to 8:05 p.m. in Lewistown, Mifflin County.

The NWS said that the tornado first touched down near the reservoir off of Minehart Road, south of Route 103 in Granville. It then moved through Riverside Campground and continued into Lewistown as it weakened.

The most intense damage occurred off Minehart Road with winds estimated at 115 mph, according to the NWS. In this area, several hundred trees were snapped.

The NWS added that dozens of large trees were snapped and uprooted as the tornado moved through the campground. Several trailers were destroyed by falling trees. One trailer was flipped.

In Lewistown, the roof of Brooklyn Fire Station was partially removed.

EF2 tornadoes have wind speeds of 111 to 135 mph, according to the NWS. The strongest tornado rating, an EF5, has wind speeds over over 200 mph.

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