Police release video of truck involved in Susquehanna Township shooting

SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. - Susquehanna Township Police have released video of a truck they believe was used last week when shots were fired into a home. Police say the suspect targeted a home along the 3500 block of Belair Road in the township.

One neighbor who asked to remain anonymous recalls what she heard leading up to the shooting on April 16th around 10 p.m.

"The truck went down our street and as it went around the corner is when I heard the pop, pop, pops and I knew that was guns," said a neighbor. "And shortly after that the police came."

Police want to speak to the driver and passenger of the truck. They say it's a dark, late-model Dodge Ram with a loud exhaust, chrome factory rims, possibly tinted windows and an LED brake light bar that runs below the tailgate, which a neighbor says is red. Police say the truck circled the block a few times before the passenger got out and shot 10 bullets into a home on the block.

"This is definitely a cause for concern," said Susquehanna Township Police Sgt. Shawki Lacey. "As a result it's all hands on deck and trying to identify who is responsible for this. To try and bring some calm and put the citizen's that live in this area mind's at ease."

Neighbors say, there's a teen who lives in the home that was targeted, who they say has been in trouble with police in the past. Outside of that home, they say their neighborhood is generally very quiet and safe and not a place where they say this type of violence ever happens.

"I never expected anything like that. I don't know what that person is involved with but for that to happen," said one neighbor. "I know it was a targeted shooting but if they target the wrong house then the rest of us have to worry about it."

Police say there was a woman and 5-year-old girl home at the time of the shooting, who were not injured. Police are offering a cash reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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