CENTER STAGE: The romantic comedy addressing racism and oppression in “The Last Night of Ballyhoo” at Oyster Mill Playhouse

CAMP HILL, Pa. - Atlanta, Georgia, 1939. "Gone with the Wind" is at the height of its popularity and southerners swoon over their heritage.  World War II is ravaging Europe and the Jewish faith across the globe begins to hide who they are.

Caught in between the folds of the time is a love triangle for the ages. The familial ties break and mend once more in a story unafraid to examine self-ethnic bias, identity, oppression and so much more.

All while laughing at the wholesome nature of the family within, the Tony Award-winning play and Pulitzer Prize nominee opens at Oyster Mill Playhouse in Camp Hill on Friday, April 26th. The show runs through May 12. You can find more information on Oyster Mill's website.

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