Glen Rock animal ordinance changes has residents demanding answers

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GLEN ROCK, YORK COUNTY, Pa -- Glen Rock Borough council members are catching some heat after a letter is sent out about a possible change to ordinances involving animals.

The letter addressed to homeowners with animal permits reads: "During an April 17th 2019 borough meeting council discussed some current inconsistencies in Glen Rock Borough ordinances regarding the keeping of any animals except dogs and cats. Specifically the zoning ordinance does not allow the keeping of certain animals including chickens, horses, cows, pigs, etc.'

The letter adds that  council will be discussing changes to the Glen Rock Borough code of ordinances and plans to have all adopted in effect beginning January 1st 2020.

Holly Landis of Glen Rock is one of those that received the letter.

"How am I going to tell my kids we have to get rid of these chickens that are like pets to us?" said Landis.

Landis says after reaching out to the borough asking about the letter, she got a response she wasn't expecting.

"They basically said you can keep your chickens until the end of the year," said Landis.

After posting the letter to Facebook, hundreds of other animal permit holders in the borough started to chime in expressing their uncertainty with the boroughs intentions.

"I don't think they are interested in public input I think they've already made a decision," said Landis. "I think they plan on taking chickens out of the borough," she added.

Landis says an Instagram post that council member, Victoria Ribeiro, wrote online mocking residents concerns about the potential change confirms her feelings.

"I don't think that's professional at all," said Landis."

In a statement from Ribeiro regarding the Instagram post, she wrote in part:

"My comment on my husband's Instagram post is merely a poke at the gross leap in logic residents took in response to an innocuous letter sent to special animal permit holders in regards to an ordinance discrepancy."

In another statement from Glen Rock Borough council president he wrote:

"Glen Rock Borough Council has not made any decisions or changed any rules regarding the keeping of animals within the Borough.  As stated in the letter to some residents, we have identified a discrepancy between two ordinances.  The Council is working to clean up the ordinances so that the language is crystal clear for all residents.  We will work to resolve the discrepancy, with the input of Borough residents. We certainly welcome anyone with questions or concerns to come to the meetings to more clearly understand what is happening and what we're trying to do to make our ordinances fair and clear for everyone in the Borough."

FOX43 also asked borough officials what the ordinance inconsistencies are, however they were unable to clarify specific details.

A council meeting to discuss the changes will be held on Wednesday, May 15.

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