‘Avengers: Endgame’ obliterates records, impacting local comic stores

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, York County - 'Avengers: Endgame,' set many records after its opening night. After the successful release, many Marvel fans have made their way to local comic stores in hopes of learning more about the characters.

Ned Senft,  owner of Comix Connection, said more people are picking up a book trying to learn more about their beloved heroes.

"People go see the movie, Most people know about Captain America, and Iron man from cartoon and toys over the years. But they haven't necessarily experienced the comics. So, now we see a story line unfold for them, so they're interested in seeing the origins of the comics, and seeing what's going on right now for those characters. So, we definitely see an increase in people's interest in it," said Senft.

The 'Avengers: End Game' finale has far exceeded Marvel Studios' own high expectations.

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