Lt. Gov. John Fetterman says Pennsylvanians want recreational marijuana legalized

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is more than half way on his recreational marijuana listening tour of all 67 Pennsylvania Counties. He updated the Joint Democratic Policy Committee on the information he's gathered at his stoped Monday morning.

"It's really just been a mature, civil conversation amongst people," said Fetterman. "Whether it's a more rural or urban county sharing their viewpoints."

Fetterman says he found the majority of Pennsylvanians support legalizing recreational marijuana.

"I would peg Pennsylvania's rate based on the 50 counties we've been to," said Fetterman. "Somewhere at about 65 up to but not to exceed 70 percent, I would say."

Fetterman says so far he found just two counties, Jefferson and Adams, where support for legalizing the drug was below 50 percent. Overall, he says his tour broke down stereotypes of marijuana supporters.

"We had an 18-year-old college student saying, 'I'm going to Georgetown in the fall and I think it's the worst idea ever, we shouldn't have this,'" said Fetterman. "But we've also had an 80-year-old grandmother who was like, 'I can't wait to get home and smoke.' Literally used a cane to get to the microphone. It was astonishing."

However, at the committee hearing not everyone supported legalizing recreational marijuana. Berks County District Attorney John Adams, on behalf of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association says the association does not support legalization and cited health concerns and the fear of more people driving under the influence.

"I see the legalization of marijuana will impact greatly the roadways of the commonwealth," said Adams.

Fetterman has also received some push back from Franklin County lawmakers who declined Fetterman's invitation to attend his upcoming listening tour when it stops in Chambersburg on May 2nd.

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