Neighbors rescue man from house fire in Hanover

HANOVER, York County - Fire crews battled a house fire early Monday morning in Hanover.

Tonya Jones, of Hanover, lives a few houses away from the burning home. Initially, Jones believed that her friend's home was on fire,  so she grabbed her baby and ran outside.

"I took Gracie and I started running down that way, and it turns out that it really wasn't my friend's house," said Jones.

"It was the neighbor next to them. But what I can see, he was standing there with his hands in his pocket, and the attic was on fire."

It took fire crews 20 minutes to get the fire under control, according to Hanover Fire Compay Chief Anthony Clousher.

However, it only took seconds for two men to rescue an elderly man from the house fire.  Corey Rill has lived in the neighborhood for several years and knew the elderly man who was rescued.

"Everyone knows Ron, like, I think that's a big thing to play with it 'cause I lived here for 12 years and I've known Ron ever since I moved here," said Rill.

"If I were been able to help Ron I would. I think everyone would have."

C&Z Construction Restoration Specialists said that the rescued man rented the home with his son.

Hanover Fire Company Chief Anthony Clousher stated a Comcast technician's truck was at the scene when the fire broke out.

According to Comcast, two people took a ladder from the truck and rescued the elderly man.

"With the way they did that now I realize that we do have a good community here because people are willing to go out of their way," said Jones.

Belinda and Andy Smith, property owners of the burned house said, "On behalf of Ron's family, they say they are just happy that no one was seriously injured, and send special gratitude to the men and women at Hanover Fire Company."

C&Z Construction Restoration Specialists estimated the damages to be more than $100,000.


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