York County man accused of attacking female victim and her 14-year-old daughter

YORK COUNTY — A 29-year-old East Prospect man has been charged with criminal trespass, assault, stalking, and harassment after police say he showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacked her and her 14-year-old daughter in an incident Saturday night.

Devon Mitchell Anderson, of the first block of Main Street, was allegedly angry over something the 14-year-old girl had posted on Facebook after he had been told he was no longer welcome at the victim’s home the day before the attack, police say. Prior to that, the victim reported, Anderson and the victim were on good terms, and Anderson had been allowed to visit occasionally to see the victim’s children. Anderson was not the father of any of the children, the victim reported, but he treated the children as though they were his.

On the day of the alleged attack, the victim and her children were at Knoebels Grove when Anderson began texting the victim, angry over a post the victim’s 14-year-old daughter had put on Facebook. He allegedly threatened to “teach (the girl) some respect” by “bending her over his knee,” police say. He also texted the 14-year-old girl several times during the ride home from the amusement park, the victim said, although the victim did not know it at the time.

When the victim got home, she told police, she was in her bedroom when she heard yelling from the living room, and went out to find Anderson on top of the 14-year-old girl, hitting her. The victim said she used a stun gun on Anderson to get him to cease the attack, police say.

Anderson allegedly grabbed the victim by the neck and began hitting her, according to police. He then left the home through the front door, while the victim pursued to make sure he was gone, police say.

While outside, the victim reported that Anderson came at her again. The victim used the stun gun on him a second time, causing him to run away, police say.

While the victim spoke to police on her porch, police say, Anderson showed up on the scene and was immediately placed in handcuffs, according to the criminal complaint. He allegedly told police he was there to beat up the victim’s boyfriend and admitted he had shown up earlier to “teach (the victim’s daughter) a lesson.” He allegedly told police he was allowed to spank the girl and that such actions were not against the law.

Police say Anderson would “not give a straight answer” when asked if he was the child’s father, or whether he was invited to the home that night.

Anderson allegedly told police he “knew the system,” and “could beat any charge.” He accused the victim of trying to get him arrested on prior occasions.

The victim and her daughter were not injured and refused treatment by EMS, police say.

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