Bible squabble between Mechanicsburg Area School District, Christian club ends with compromise, court order

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.– A federal lawsuit that pitted Mechanicsburg Area School District against a Christian student’s group over in-school Bible distribution ended on Monday with a court order following some agreements.

In a joint stipulation filed Monday, both sides expressed satisfaction with the policy rewrite that included the deletion of a section of the prior guideline in the student handbook that prohibited speech that “seeks to establish the supremacy of a particular religious denomination, sect or point of view.”

In 2019, the Bible Club at Mechanicsburg Area High School claimed to have been denied permission to distribute bibles during lunch, a move, lawyers with the ILC say violates students’ right to freedom of speech.

The school responded that it was against its policy to distribute any literature during the school day.

Now, both parties have come to an agreement.

You can check out the lawsuit and stipulations below:

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