PennDOT speaks out after investigation reveals some employees were stealing handicap placards

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- An investigation initiated last Thursday, revealed multiple PennDOT employees allegedly misusing handicap parking signs.

According to police, Ryan Robinson, allegedly stole a handicap parking placard that was turned in as a lost placard, later using it to park her car, without being disabled.

Seven other employees were also listed in the report accused of  misusing handicap placards.

Don Comerer of Dauphin County says he is at a loss for words.

"I can't believe that a PennDOT employee would actually steal when there's people like me who are severely handicapped with arthritis and need placards and parking parking places," said Comerer.

A PennDOT employee who did not wish to reveal her identity tells FOX43 it's hard to believe an incident like this happened considering all of the security measures in place.

"Everything that is done you have to log into the computer using your username, your password and everything that's processed it will literally say your name," she said.

In a statement from PennDOT they wrote in part quote — "The issuance of with disability parking placards are closely tracked by the department. penndot takes its responsibility to properly issue these placards very seriously, and has built a series of checks and balances into its operations to ensure proper issuance and reports any misuse to law enforcement, as was done in this case."

"PennDOT discovered the improper use of persons with disability parking placards by PennDOT employees, and turned the information over to PA State Police for investigation. For those who legitimately need them, these placards are critical tools in their mobility, and PennDOT takes the oversight of their issuance very seriously," they added in another statement.

Police say say Robinson faces theft charges  and the seven others will be charged with summary violations.

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