Two men charged for sexually-assaulting Shippensburg University students

SHIPPENSBURG TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. - Two men are facing charges accused of rape and sexual assault of two Shippensburg University students.

According to court documents Joshua Koumaras, a Shippensburg University student and fraternity member, raped one of the victim's after attending a party with her in March 2018. Court documents show after the alleged incident he texted the victim saying, "We only 'f*****' when I raped you," "We gotta try when you're conscious," and "I could literally be in jail."

Court documents show Josiah Kushner of Hummelstown was invited to stay at Shippensburg the weekend of September 15th by a female friend. She went to police on the morning of the 16th believing Kushner raped her early that morning when she was sleeping after attending a party. Police say during a recorded phone call, Kushner admitted he did not have consent from the woman.

"Drugs and alcohol are used strategically by people who commit sexual assault," said Kristen Houser, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

House says these cases are common occurrences among college campuses, usually involved people who know each other and were under the influence.

"People who are perpetrating sexual assaults are looking to do it in ways they are unlikely to be caught," said Houser.

Shippersburg University is an part of the It's on Us campaign, a movement to end sexual assault. They have several programs in place to remind student consent is mandatory and there is no gray area when asking for consent. They also have many services available for people who become victims.

" I think being able to say we are all community together and it happens to so many people and there's a way that we can work through this together," said Katie Sweigart, junior at Shippensburg University. "Rather than making it a victim working by themselves."

Koumaras has a preliminary hearing for his charges on May 13th. Kushner's prelim is set for the 14th.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault - Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape has a number of resources available.

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