CENTER STAGE: A jazz tribute to a legend in the dance sensation “Sophisticated Ladies” at the Fulton Theatre

LANCASTER, Pa. - In an evening of song, dance and fun, imagine taking a step back in time. Either go back to the Roaring '20s, with jazz blaring and dancers abound. Or, take a trip back into the dawn of television, where song and dance extravaganzas graced the silver screen - families gathered all evening long to hear their favorite tunes.

Whatever you choose, you'll likely have endearing memories of the songs of the legendary Duke Ellington. With "Ain't Got that Swing" and many more, the cast thinks you'll remember and relate.

" When we come and see something like that we go, 'Oh! I remember aunt' so and so singing this or uncle… it just bring backs memories," choreographer Kenny Ingram said.

But "Sophisticated Ladies" is just as much a treat for the cast as it is the audience.

“In this show, they are purely and wholly themselves. It’s not something anyone actually has seen before. Everything inside of it is based off this amazing cast," assistant choreographer Jaime Verazin said.

“It’s one of the most rare experiences that an artist gets," choreographer Mark Stuart said.

And for an added treat, the show features Tony-nominated actress Felicia P. Fields (The Color Purple) amongst an amazingly-talented cast.

"Sophisticated Ladies" opens at the Fulton Theatre Thursday night, May 2. It runs through May 25th. For more information, head to the Fulton's website.

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