Just in time for summer, swimwear website offers the ‘Jeado’ — denim-printed swim briefs for men

Remember janties, the $315 denim panties that hit the Internet a few weeks ago?

Well, gentlemen, now you can join in the fun.

Just in time for summer, the novelty swimwear fashion website Shinesty.com is offering a new twist on high-riding denim activewear: The Jeado, a Speedo-style swimsuit for men, with a print pattern designed to look like you’re wearing the world’s highest-cut pair of jean shorts.

And unlike the aforementioned Janties, which are a lot pricier and made out of real denim, these jean shorts-inspired bathing suits, made of 88 percent Polyester and 12 percent Spandex, sell for a mere $39.99

The quick-drying material is designed to be “soft and smooth on your gear,” according to Shinesty, and is fully lined, with an elastic waistband and drawstring.

If you need further enticement, check out the product description from Shinesty:

“They say jorts are the above-ground pool of the shorts world. We’d be inclined to agree. Our denim print swim brief, also known as the Jeado, also known as the Daytona Dong Sarong is just like that, except it is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world…or something like that. It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too. And if you’re really risky you’ll combine those last 2 sentences, eating a bag of chips in church while wearing this denim swimsuit. You’ll probably get tossed out, but you’ll look and taste good doing it.

“These should be paired with caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results.”

Shinesty also sells bikini-style and one-piece suits for the ladies.

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