Police: at least one kid likely responsible for park vandalism in Lancaster County

EPHRATA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Police  say kids could be to blame for vandalism at a park in Lancaster County.

It happened at Grater Park in Ephrata.

From the outside, everything looks just fine. However, inside the pavilion, police say that’s a different story.

“It's just senseless damage," described Lt. Chris McKim.

He says someone overturned refrigerators, splattered paint on the floor and walls, and threw stuff everywhere.

"It’s a community park so the entire community is effected by this. It's not the crime of the century, but it’s certainly something we need to take a look at," he added.

McKim says someone or multiple people caused that damage after 4 in the afternoon Sunday.

Volunteers spent hours painting the outside of the building and the nearby bandshell just one day before the vandalism.

"I imagine those who spent their own personal time here improving the community here through painting may tend to feel like their volunteerism is disrespected," added McKIm.

Police aren’t quite sure how the vandal got inside yet but believe at least one kid is somehow responsible.

"There’s evidence at the scene that leads us to believe that at least one of the people or the one person at the scene was a juvenile... There may have been more. There may have been adults," said McKim.

One big question from the adults we spoke with: "Why?"

"It was run down," said Alicia Solis. "It needed some TLC [tender, loving care], but now that it’s painted, it’s nice, and it’s new, so why go ruin it for everyone else?!"

The Ephrata Police Chief says that detectives are talking to some parents and looking to interview their kids.

He tells us that nothing was stolen from inside the pavilion and that he hopes to have a better idea of how much damage was caused soon.


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