West Manchester Township Police Dept. warns residents of suspected phone scams

YORK COUNTY – West Manchester Township Police are warning residents of a phone scam that some people in the area have reported of receiving.

Some residents have reported of a caller that claims to be a member of law enforcement. The caller informs the victim that there is a warrant for their arrest and demands that for the victim  to pay the fine and court costs immediately.

Some residents have also reported of a caller that tells them that they have won millions of dollars from either a multi-state or foreign lottery. The call then tells the victim that in order to receive the winnings they must pay the the taxes and other fees first.

Police say that no one has reported to being a victim in these recent scam calls. Police advise to not answer phone calls from any unknown or blocked numbers and to never give out personal information of the phone.

To report any phone scams like these, police advice that a report be filed at the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.



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