Mother’s Day Food with Party Host Helpers

YORK,Pa-- For Mother’s Day this weekend, we have a few ideas on how to the special woman in your life how much you love her! Renee Patrone, CEO and Founder of Party Host Helpers.

For food, Renee recommends a bagel bar. This is such a fun and simple way to serve brunch and to let your guests customize whether they want sweet or savory. On a giant cutting board, get several bagels, all different flavors and make sure they are pre-sliced. Then fill the board with your savory items, including bacon, sliced hardboiled eggs, store-bought chicken salad, shredded cheese, cream cheese, even deli meat with lettuce and pickles.

Now, it’s time for the sweet side of the bagel bar. Renee says use small containers and fill them with peanut butter, almond butter, Nutella, honey, your favorite jam, sliced almonds, blueberries and mini chocolate chips. Add some flower buds in between all the toppings and this bagel board will be one to remember.
Renee also showed a fun and healthy app to make for your kids courtesy of Incredible PlayHouse. Using carrots, cucumber and cubes of cheese you can make veggie tulips thanks to a toothpick. It’s easy to do!

Remember, the best gift to give your Mother this Mother’s Day is the gift of time with her loved ones! Forget about the prepping and the cleaning for your upcoming parties and hire Party Host Helpers. For Mother’s Day and every other event this summer, our trained staff will take care of all your party details so you can enjoy your guests!

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