School Board in Lancaster County votes to delay implementation of the ‘Physical Privacy’ policy

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- The Eastern Lancaster County School Board voted Monday night to delay implementation of the "Physical Privacy" Policy.

The motion, presented by member Jonathan Dahl, passed 6-3.

The policy was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, May 14.

In the meeting Monday night, school board members and administration officials expressed concerns with how the implement the policy, in it's written form, without the necessary facilities.

Concerns included specific locks for single-use facilities and what physical education and athletes, particularly wrestlers, were supposed to do as the current school year winds down?

The policy, which the school board voted in favor of in April, would replace boys and girls restrooms and locker rooms with secured, single-user, gender-neutral facilities. However, during the waiting period for the updated facilities, students were to use facilities based on their biological sex.

It was created. and voted on, in response to public outcry over the school district's decision to allow a transgender student who identifies as male to use the boys facilities at Garden Spot High School.

The waiting period addition to the policy earned some concern of a potential lawsuit against the school district.

Dahl said changes to the current policy could be made over the summer if a school board member makes a necessary motion, followed by two meetings of any new proposal.

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