York County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam involving phony warrant fees

YORK COUNTY — The York County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a possible phone scam where callers are using the department’s name to solicit funds.

In a press release Monday, the department said the callers are identifying themselves as representatives of the York County Sheriff’s Office and requesting the payment of fees, debts, or outstanding warrants, and requesting the use of prepaid MoneyPak cards to satisfy the payments. The callers may even use the treat of arrest if the fees are not paid.

The phone number displayed on your caller ID may be electronically blocked, or even display a York County Sheriff’s Office phone number, the department said.

Anyone receiving such a call is advised not to share any personal or financial information, the Sheriff’s Office says. Recipients of such calls are asked to obtain all the information they can, and then contact local police or the Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association at (877) 236-7335.

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