Chambersburg School District announces policy changes after elementary student is released to wrong person for pick-up

CHAMBERSBURG — Officials in the Chambersburg Area School District are reassuring parents and making changes to the district’s student release process after a student at Stevens Elementary School was released to the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity on Wednesday.

The student was immediately returned to the school when the person picking up the child realized the mistake, the district said in a statement.

School district officials and staff met with both families and apologized for the mistake, the district says.

After an investigation into what happened, the district announced the following changes for students who are picked up during the school day by individuals who are not their parents or guardians, or not on the approved pickup list for the child.

The changes are effective immediately, the district said in its statement.

From now on, administrators say:

  • All students released during school hours must provide a hard-copy permission slip signed by the parent/guardian of the child.
  • The individual picking up the child must produce photo identification which will be copied by office staff.
  • Before any student is released, a verification call will be made to the parent/guardian to confirm the individual’s identity.

Chambersburg Area School District officials say they encourage parents or guardians to add trusted family members and individuals to their child’s approved pick-up list for emergency situations. There is no limit to the number of individuals that can be added to the list, the district says.

“District administration and staff will continue to refine pick-up procedures over the summer to ensure that our students are being kept as safe and secure as possible,” the district’s statement concluded.

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