Man facing charges after assaulting woman, being found in possession of heroin

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa.– A man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a woman being found in possession of heroin.

Corey Heffren, 23, is facing strangulation, simple assault, and possession of a controlled substance, among other related charges.

On May 14, police received a report of a physical domestic dispute at the Capital Inn in New Cumberland.

A male caller told police that his girlfriend had smoked K2, was hitting him, and “screaming like a zombie,” according to the criminal complaint.

Upon arrival, police met with Heffren and a woman in one of the hotel’s rooms.

The woman told police that Heffren had been abusing drugs and “doesn’t act like himself when he is on drugs.”

She said that she had gone to the neighbor’s room to ask for a plunger, and when she returned to the room, Heffren began to accuse the woman of using drugs.

The two began to argue, and the woman said they both agreed that she should leave the room.

When she attempted to take her phone from Heffren, the woman said then two began to struggle, which resulted in Heffren kicking her in the face, grabbing her by the throat, and slamming her on the bed.

The woman told police that once she was on the bed, Heffren let go of her and she said she was going to call police.

Then, Heffren began punching the woman in the arm and grabbed her by the throat to the point she was unable to breathe.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman showed no signs of impairment while speaking to police.

When police asked Heffren what happened, he had difficulty recounting what had happened, and said that the woman attacked him and he was the victim in this case.

Police asked the woman if she had Heffren’s identification, and she handed police his wallet, which appeared to have a light blue wax bag sticking out of it.

After findingĀ  a residue inside, police found that it tested positive for heroin.

Now, Heffren is facing charges.

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