Chambersburg Hospital patients cast ballots from hospital rooms

CHAMBERSBURG, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - As some people head out to the polls to cast their ballot, workers at Chambersburg Hospital are making sure patients can still vote.

"I wish I could go today but I can't hardly get out of bed," said 93-year-old Philip Bailey, patient. "Less go some place."

Staff went around to all patients, like Bailey, Tuesday asking if those registered to vote, want to. If they do, initial paperwork had to be filled out and notarized. It was then taken to the Franklin County Courthouse where emergency ballots were given to hospital staff who brought them back for patients to fill out.

For people like Bailey, who estimated about 2-3 missed elections in the last seven decades, are why the staff at Chambersburg Hospital are making sure people who want to vote this election do.

"If we had half a brain in our mind we would go vote," said Bailey. "Because it's going to ruin the country if we don't."

Hospital staff estimates about 20 patients took advantage of this service and cast their ballot Tuesday without leaving their hospital beds.

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