PA State and York City leaders hold ‘Neighborhood Walk’ to show commitment towards tackling crime

YORK, Pa. -- State and city officials joined forces on Wednesday to make York City neighborhoods safer.

The U.S. Attorney`s Office, York Mayor Michael Helfrich, York City Police Chief Troy Bankert .and other leaders held the event with people from around the community to show their commitment to cutting down crime in the area.

"There is no group of local law enforcement and local officials, district attorneys office that is working harder than or doing more than the people in York County," said David Freed, U.S. Attorney, Middle District of PA.

"Even in a neighborhood that somebody might consider a tough neighborhood or a crime ridden neighborhood or a neighborhood with problems, the vast majority of people are law abiding citizens who just want to be kept safe, raise their family and live a full and happy life," added Freed.

 “It’s just getting scary I don’t know what’s going on around here," said Lucretia Day, York resident.

Lucretia Day has been living in York for nearly 30 years. She says she hears gunshots near her home on locust street at least two times a week.

“It just seems to be more and more," she added.

Day says she’d like to see more done for young people.

"Things like activities for the kids like when the summer came for me when I had teenagers I had something for them to do they didn’t just hang out down the street," said Day.

“It’s worse than when I was younger, a lot worse," said Harry Miller, York resident. "They should make some opportunities for the kids and youth, bottom line if you do that and give them something to do," he added.

 ‘Community Street Soldiers’ -- a local group focused on curbing gun violence in the neighborhood and creating a conversation are also joining the fight.

Organizers say they’re already taking charge.

“We’re partnering with the city to have some of the community centers open, having more programs," said Fredrick Walker. “We want them to really understand that there is more to the community than just being in the streets," he added.

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