Residents in West Cocalico Twp. brace for another round of severe weather

WEST COCALICO TWP., LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Some people in Lancaster County are keeping their eyes on the sky this afternoon; they’re bracing for the threat of severe thunderstorms after a tornado touched down in West Cocalico Township Sunday night.

Neighbors on Kline Road spent the past few days cleaning up that mess and some still are. You have this homeowner who still doesn’t have a roof, and we’re told inches of water in his basement… so another storm could be devastating.

Then, you have people like Carol Nolt who still has limbs hanging from her trees. She’s fearful the wind could send those branches right into her house or damage her home since there’s no longer a line of protection.

She’s also worried about the people who don’t have their houses fixed yet, neighbors whose roofs are covered in tarps and windows in plastic.

“There are two really big logs hanging down that potentially a good wind could *sound effect* right into the house. I do have concerns for our neighbors who have their roofs off and have more damage,” explained Nolt. “It’s like getting kicked when you’re already knocked down.”

The National Weather Service saying the EF1 tornado that touched down brought winds at 105 miles per hour, leaving dozens without power and injuring 3 people because of flying debris.

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