Warm and breezy Friday, then staying warm with small thunderstorm chances through Memorial Day Weekend

Temperatures reach the middle 70s to near 80 degrees on Friday. It’s a breezy, but quiet, day.



Breezy conditions are expected through Friday afternoon.

STILL WARM, BUT QUIET AND NOT AS HUMID:  Quieter conditions are ahead on Friday across South Central PA. Conditions dry out early after some evening showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures start in the upper 50s to middle 60s. Humidity levels start to come down a bit. Friday turns dry again, and humidity levels stay lower. It’s not quite in the comfortable range, but enough to make a difference and feel pleasant for many. Temperatures reach the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. It’s a breezy day with partly to mostly sunny skies. Skies are partly cloudy through the evening, but it’s great for any Friday evening plans for those staying local through the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Skies are partly cloudy through the night. Temperatures fall into the middle 50s to lower 60s.



Memorial Day Weekend is warm and humid with a couple thunderstorms possible each day.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND OUTLOOK:  Even more warmth and humidity are on tap for yet another weekend! And some more good news for the holiday weekend—no particular day is going to be a washout! Saturday is mainly dry, with partly to mostly sunny skies. A couple stray thunderstorms are possible, especially later during the day. It’s humid and very warm, with temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. Sunday temperatures are higher, and it’s back to the muggies. Afternoon highs peak in the middle to upper 80s. There’s also the chance for a couple isolated showers or thunderstorms. Memorial Day is still very warm and muggy. Temperatures are in the lower to middle 80s. There’s the chance for an isolated thunderstorm or two, but so far, it looks promising for any outdoor plans for the unofficial start of summer!



INCREASING THE HEAT THROUGH MIDWEEK:  Conditions turn hot and humid for the return to work after the extended holiday weekend. Readings jump into the middle to upper 80s on Tuesday with sunshine and clouds mixed. There’s a small chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. It’s muggy, with heat indices in the lower 90s at times during peak heating. Wednesday brings even hotter temperatures, with readings springing well into the 80s. There’s a better chance for isolated thunderstorms. A few early thunderstorms are possible Thursday. It’s still very warm and humid, with temperatures in the middle to upper 80s.



Stay Weather Smart with FOX43! Have a great Memoria Day Weekend! Happy unofficial start to summer!

-Andrea Michaels




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